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Mining Exchange Live!

Powered by Commerce One, the Mining Exchange (www.quadrem.com) went live on October 31, 2000. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Quadrem is a consortium, founded by 15 of the world's largest mining companies. Quadrem is focused on improving worldwide supply chain efficiency and procurement between the founding members, it's suppliers and the rest of the mining community.

Through two months of hard work by the joint Commerce One/SAP team, the following was accomplished on October 31st:

As always, many people at Commerce One contributed to the success of this project and should be recognized.  The team of folks that have lived, ate and breathed Quadrem for the last two months include:

Quadrem Team:

Mike http://www.aboutmikebang.org Bang*
Gonzalo "Whazzzup" Camacho
Christine "Über Diva" Demas

Chris "Baby Talk" Lang
Bary "The Amazing" Wilkinson
Derek "Cheesecake" Beal
Tara "Diva in Training" Wildnauer
David "unh-hunh" Chandler
David "Trick or Treat" Morgenstein
Jim "Save the Day" Fagan
Eric "The Voice of the LA Office" Brasley
Kip "R U Platinum" Winning
Elisa "Brunettes Have More Fun" Davis
Karen "You're AC???" Moreland
Alexis "Find Me a Home" DeStaffany
Scott "Riding low in the saddle in the middle of the posse" Hellinge
Al "Mr. C's (CTP, Corio, Commerce One)" Tejwani

Support from the following:

Frank Gavit
John Hammon
Craig Asher
Paul Veilleux 

Global Services:
Vic Meysenburg
Sam Zayed 

MarketSite Operations:
Jim Smith
Jared Hansen
Udaya Gurram
Jared Kelly
Mike Holloway
Alan Shen
Nick Billeci 

Elwin Wong
Conan Cocalles
John Biscevic 

Auction Services:
Aman Bawa
Clark Hammond
Vik Kuttappan
Roger Wang & the Auction Engineering Team
Joseph Sokukawa
Jonah Hauman 

Customer Services:
Joanne Landucci
Kelly Barre 

Dino Dicandia
Louie Olero 

Brad Smith
Yash Sowale
Asis Biswas
Carrie Beth Wood 

Derek "Cheesecake" Beal
Scott Lowden 

Thanks again to everyone who helped.


*(Disclaimer by Mike Bang: I, Mike Bang, hereby declare that I, of sound mind, did not participate in the creation and was not permitted to view, the recognition list specifics, nicknames or further attachments that may be related to this announcement.  Any issues, disgruntled views or thoughts of retaliation regarding nicknames should be directed to other team members, that I will gladly identify upon request.  Thanks.)

Bary Wilkinson
Professional Services
Commerce One
desk (+1) 925 520-4840
mobile (+1) 415 595-8842 


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