October 04, 2002
Summer is over

but at least it was somewhat productive. Okay, so I didn't get as far in writing my book as I wanted to, but the few select reviewers of my "pre-beta" novel release thought it was outstanding and can't wait for the finished product (At my current rate, that'll be another three years). I'll post tidbits from my novel for the general public to start salivating. I just have to figure out how to do that...

As for the rest of the summer, I got into a few other things:
*Gourmet Cooking - I've always been a pretty good cook, but it was nice to finally figure what which side of the knife I'm supposed to use to cut things. No wonder it was taking forever.
*Music jam sessions - So, I finally found a drummer and bass guitarist to get together and play old covers. It's amazing how much noise (uh, I mean music) the three of us can make!
*Wine making - Yep, I produced yet another batch of the infamous chateau-neuf-de-bang, bottled and corked. It should be ready to drink with a good meal in 3 months. And in another 3 months, it should go really well on a salad.
*Tai Chi - I figured I needed to mix in something that related to my Asian heritage. Ever tried it? So far, it's been really relaxing. And I'm hoping in a couple more months, I'll be ready for the WWF.
*Mixed Doubles - I thought I'd get back into the competitive tennis mode and see how many people mistake me for Michael Chang all over again.

So that's it for now. I'm sure I'll dig up a few more new activities in the next month. Until then, keep on reading!

Posted by mbang at 12:04 PM