December 01, 2002
Okay, stop holding your breath, waiting for my novel

I've detoured. Yep, I took a full time job and am now comfortably back in the high-tech world.

Just when I had announced to the world (uh, my personal, tiny world) that my fiction writing was in full swing, an opportunity came up that I couldn't refuse. So, now I'm the Director of Professional Services for Bluedot Software ( I tried to delay my start date (by about 6 months) but to no avail. It's a great company with a ton of potential. (And if it comes to this, let's just hope this time I cash out at the right time). And, to tell you the truth, I missed the interaction with people, and the new challenges that would come up everyday. Call me sick, but I'm glad to be back at work!!!

For all you diehard fans, don't worry, the novel WILL get completed...just in time for your grandkid's 18th birthday...

Posted by mbang at 05:00 PM