November 20, 2003
Well, that didn't last long

So, I was out of Bluedot by August, really hoping to get my %@#$&*! novel completed. Low and behold, an old friend called me up and offered me a great career opportunity. In some ways, I really missed the challenges and camaraderie that is inherent in a tough software project and I jumped at the chance to head into a nightmare. Am I crazy or what?

Anyway, so here I am starting work in November for another software company and now living in Holland. (Oh, don't worry, they gave me a week to get adjusted and learn the company ropes, at the Oakland Headquarters, before shipping me out.) I'm sure I'll be heading home every so often, so I'm preparing for alot of travel. My frequent flyer balance was running low, so I don't mind so much. But isn't it hilarious that the minute I'm no longer a "Premier" frequent flyer (with all those bonuses each time I stepped on a plane), I start flying again? Well, it looks like I'll be working my way up from the back of the plane all over again...

Posted by mbang at 05:02 AM