December 01, 2003
I'm engaged!!!

Well, I wasn't sure how much of my personal life I'd put out here, but what the heck! Yeah, I found my soul mate and after about a year of dating, I popped the question. It was very romantic, as I snuck away to get the ring (under the guise of heading off to play tennis, decked out in tennis gear) on a weekend when she was complaining that I wasn't spending my free time at home. Remember, I'm working in Holland most of the time nowadays.

So there we were, on a weekend getaway to Yosemite National Park. As we clamored on the rocks in the riverbed under the now dried up Yosemite Falls, I stopped her to propose. Naturally, her first words were "So where's my ring?". As I pretended to search the ground for an ideal piece of moss (or something I could wrap around her finger), I told her to close her eyes. There I was fumbling around with the ring, and there she was, with her eyes closed, humming and dancing on top of a large boulder. She was throwing around her arms 6 feet above me, so I uselessly tried to grab her hand. Eventually she opened her eyes to see me huffing and puffing and holding out a ring. I'm not sure if it was the ring, or her feeling sorry for making me huff and puff, but she said YES!!!

And since her licence plate says something like "YOSEMITY", and I proposed to her in Yosemite, and it's our favorite place to go, we decided to get married there. Details to follow.

Posted by mbang at 05:20 AM