June 26, 2004
Wedding Day

Am I nervous??? Wh-wh-why would you think that on my wedding day? I'M FINE!!!

Okay, so I decided that trying to talk about my wedding in this wouldn't do it justice. Besides, I passed out during the ceremony and don't remember too much (just kidding). You can check out the pictures in any case.

In summary, WOO WOO!

It was a bit hectic, travelling from Europe, and trying to get everything done before the big day. The rehearsal dinner went well (except for a misspelled entry sign), and then getting the parents (and supporting staff) to Yosemite wasn't too bad, given it was a 3-hour drive, a 3-hour drive (you're supposed to be singing that).

Amazingly, Yosemite Falls was still flowing and made a great backdrop. And a wild deer dropped by the chapel as we were leaving. I managed to get through singing my song to Elana without forgetting the words (and no one throwing up) so that was good. And some friends showed up in monkey suits (literally) to give me a hard time. It's all good!

And before the honeymoon, I was whisked back to Europe for work. That's okay, since it's nicer weather in August for the hike up the Inca Trail. But those mosquitos in the Amazon...

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