August 10, 2004
Why do Scottish men wear kilts?

Well, if you want the answer, e-mail me. It's a bit too raunchy to post here for my millions of civilized readers.

With these discount airlines all over Europe, it's getting very easy to jet around on weekends. So, I jumped on an EasyJet flight to Edinburgh for the weekend. My friend Alan Harris was working there on assignment, so I had a free place to stay. Years ago, he was working in Utrecht (near Amsterdam) and I had taken a trip to visit him when I was working in Munich.

So, now I can say that I mountain biked in the Scottish Highlands, and I've been to Loch Ness. It really is strange how the slight waves in the water resemble something swimming just below the surface.

Edinburgh Castle was cool. I think the movie "Braveheart" helped make this place become more of a tourist trap (for better or for worse). We never made it to Sterling Castle. Rumor has it that some foreign artist was so inspired by the movie that he created a huge statue of William Wallace for the museum in Sterling. So, it's now mounted prominently outside the castle. Apparently, based on this statue (which is based on the movie), William Wallace was the splitting image of Mel Gibson. Wow, maybe Mel is really Scottish!

Posted by mbang at 06:36 AM