October 21, 2004
Help!!! I must be a g-a-m-b-l-e-r and I don't even know it!

I'm STILL getting SPAM in my comments boxes, and the funny thing is, I turned off the comments option altogether! So, how is it that I regularly log into my website editor to find another 50 new comments scattered throughout my stories? I find it hard to believe that some guys named "o-n-l-i-n-e p-o-k-e-r", "texas h-o-l-d'e-m", and "free p-o-k-e-r" just love my website so much that they hack in comments just hoping that one day I might actually read a posting instead of autodeleting them...

Any fellow bloggers who might know how I can get rid of them, PLEASE let me know...unfortunately, you'll have to work through my super double secret probation anti-spam contraption. But don't worry, the only ones who can't figure it out are those darn computers.

Posted by mbang at 05:44 PM