February 06, 2005
And I'm off again!!!

So, moments after rolling off my overseas project and landing local (or at least in the states), I decide to help out some friends with some consulting work in Denver. Well, Colorado ain't so bad, but it's not the best for my newlywed status and goals of having a family some day (There's a rumor that I actually need to be around my wife to make babies). Okay, okay, so I'm home much more often, so at least it's a step in the right direction. But there are other advantages...

1) A one hour time difference. Not as good as 0 hours, but better than 9 hours. You never really think about it, but with a 9 hour time difference, everyone you talk to in California is in a different mindset.
2) Skiing. A friend in Boulder happens to have a ski cabin near Vail. Imagine the possibilities.
3) $$$. A slight increase in pay. I hope it's enough to buy property in Vegas!
4) Weekends. Now, I'm home for EVERY weekend (Unless I take up my friend on point number 2).
5) Communication. I get to use my mobile phone again WITHOUT the outrageous charges for just looking at it!

Posted by mbang at 02:50 PM