August 06, 2005
Before the Camino, let's see Europe

As we headed to Europe to trek the Camino de Santiago in Spain, we took a detour through London, Amsterdam and Madrid? Why? To get a chance to see civilization and sleep in real beds prior to hiking 200 miles in 10 days through back country, with little or no moderm conveniences. Why did we pick London, Amsterdam and Madrid? Keep reading...

London - Elana worked there one summer in college, and I've passed through probably 6-10 times for various work and play occasions. Plus, we wanted to catch The Lion King (Well, not THE Lion King. We just wanted to watch the theatre performance - yuk yuk).

Amsterdam - Well, really we saw The Netherlands. We started in Brielle, to visit former co-workers and see how bad the project was going since I left (just kidding!). Then we spent a day in Amsterdam, taking in the sights, etc.

Madrid - A good staging ground for the Camino, and our first immersion into speaking Spanish. This is where we got some modern Spanish culture, and enjoyed some AWESOME flamenco dancing (No we didn't dance. We just watched!)

Pictures posted, so check 'em out!

Posted by mbang at 05:52 PM