December 11, 2005
The Annual NYC Pub Crawl

I think my first NYC Bar Golf was almost ten years ago (and I'm sure that if you scroll down deep enough, I probably wrote a few more blurbs on the event). And apparently by then, they'd been doing it for almost ten years. Wow, how time flies. It all started with a group of friends (mostly from "joisay") putting together a list of 12 NYC bars to visit around Christmas (hence the name "The 12 Bars of Christmas"). Drink specials were organized at each bar, there were t-shirts printed, there were games, there was the "target" person, and of course, the throwing up.

Anyway, the gang is mostly turning 40, so this time around, we were inducting some new youngsters to keep the tradition alive. We started by making them pound drinks. Unfortunately we forgot that poor college students will take every free drink they're offered! Well, there goes $20 bucks...

But this was the first one that I brought my wife to. It wasn't the smartest thing to introduce her to my friends when they were all drunk...or maybe it was? Well, she survived, and for the most part, helped me survive (I have a nasty habit of getting myself in trouble and then taking an alcohol beating.). Check out the photos in my photo album. I even got a shot of the t-shirt. It's cool. The list of bars is on the front, but the text is upside down. Stupid, you would think...but it's acutually alot easier to read the t-shirt yourself (think about, and if you can't figure it out, I have some swampland in Florida that I'll sell you real cheap).

Posted by mbang at 08:22 PM