February 04, 2006
OK, so I'm catching up on entries that should've been...

Well, sure, alot of stuff has happened and I haven't been keeping up, so I'm populating the blog with a few entries, chronologically placed to bring all three (count'em THREE) of my faithful readers up to speed. I'm sure me, myself and I will be soooo happy!

So, 2006 started with a new job. Openwave. Yeah, I've been bouncing around the dot.com industry, still trying to find my niche. So far, most of my stints have lasted about a year, so we'll see how long this one keeps going. For those who haven't heard of Openwave, well, I won't bore you. You'll just have to check out their website (www.openwave.com).

But, the cool thing about the new gig is that I get to actually live at (and work from) home! Woo hoo! After stints in Amsterdam and Denver over the last two years, it took a bit of adjusting to be at home during the week. Wow. Did you know the mail gets delivered EVERY DAY??

Posted by mbang at 09:33 PM