January 05, 2007
The carpenter once more

Not that I'm hooked on home reality shows, but it's tough when your wife LOVES them and you can't help but catch the odd episode of some inexperienced home owner taking a sledgehammer to a bathroom. Well, if he can do it, I can do it. Yikes! What am I getting into?

I started small, with a bathroom, and figured I could call in a contractor when the going got to tough. Afterall, I just bought a BIG hammer and I was positive I could at least get through the demolition part of it (now, how do I turn off the water and power?). Things were going well until the entire neighborhood grid lost power (just kidding). I'll have to post the photos, but things came out AWESOME. And I didn't even have to call in a contract (mind you carrying up the granite countertop all alone was a heck of a workout.)

In summary:
- Got rid of the pink wallpaper and painted the walls yellow.
- Replaced all the gold trims with polished chrome trims.
- Ripped out the cheesy wall length mirror (felt like I was in a health club), cut it, built a wood frame (from decorative molding) and re-mounted it. And stained the frame mahogany.
- Took out the 70s-ish 5-bulb vanity lighting and mounted a cool polished nickel contemporary fixture.
- Stripped the white-washed vanity cabinet and stained it mahogany
- Pounded out the dated tile vanity countertop and replaced it with a very cool granite countertop (Custom mate. I had to map out a blueprint for fabrication).
- Tore out the old white sink and replaced it with a black Onyx vessel sink.
- Replaced the standard bathroom faucet with a "waterfall off a plate" design. I think that's the COOLEST part.

And just to prove it all, I've posted photos in my photo album. And I'll be sticking my carpenter's business card in your mailbox any day now.

Posted by mbang at 09:41 AM