March 22, 2007
The now the BIG news...

We (i.e. my wife) are/is pregnant!!! Due date is August 14th. It's our first and we've got alot to do, just like everyone else having a baby...

Okay, so I got back and forth on saying "We're pregnant" or "My wife's pregnant". Either way, I get yelled at by someone. For instance, here are a couple of conversations:

Conversation #1:
"Guess what? We're pregnant!"
"Wait, how can you claim to also be pregnant when your wife is doing all the work! Have you ever delivered a baby? Are you going to go through all that pain as well???"

Conversation #2:
"Guess what? My wife is pregnant!"
"Wait, aren't you going to share in having a baby? Do you think your wife will do all the work alone? Don't you feel like you need to a part of having a baby?"

Either way, it seems I can never say the right thing. Any advice would be helpful (and sometime before we have the baby...)

Posted by mbang at 10:25 AM