June 30, 2007
Another year, another job

You know, the work world ain't like it used to be when I was a kid. Our dads would go to work and be at the same company (and most likely the same desk) for decades. Having more than 3-4 jobs in a lifetime was considered "jumping around".

But here I am switching companies after just 1.5 years! Seriously, I really am looking for THE company, that will assign me an e-mail address that I'll keep until I retire. I tend to put my heart into my job, mainly since I'll be spending a big chunk of my waking hours there, but I also want to enjoy it as well.

So, my latest effort at that is also a re-incarnation of my last, best attempt, 10 years ago. I'm going BACK to BSG Alliance (www.bsgalliance.com) I was actually there (now coined "BSG 1.0") from 1991 to 1997 and it was amazing. So, for BSG 2.0, I'm hoping to re-build, re-create, and re-lose my virginity (just kidding on that last one) that same inspiration and vigor I had before. Many of the old folks are back, but everyone's aged 10 years as well, so we'll see what happens. Cross your fingers!

Posted by mbang at 10:42 PM