August 13, 2007
Celeste is here!!!

Wow! What an experience! First Elana wakes me up at 3am to let me know her water broke. At first, I think back to a moment I had years ago while skiing in Utah. I was crammed into the back seat of a car when suddenly my Camelbak sprung a leak, and I feel this cold rush of water down into my ski pants. As I squirm about, my curious fellow passengers look puzzled, so I announce that my water had broke, not fully realizing the dual meaning. Okay, back to the story.

Being 40 miles to the hospital, it was kind of nice beating rush hour at 4am. The key, was staying awake at the wheel. But that wasn't a problem for me, knowing my wife might leak amniotic fluid all over my 2-day old Prius (Darn! Maybe I shoulda got the upgrade to leather seats!). Fast forward to the labor...

Labor? What labor! I'd say cake walk, and...(oops, my wife says I need to scratch that last comment.) Actually she couldn't have gotten through it without her epidural. Man, the guy who invented that was a genius. Elana claims she could've hit 759 homeruns!

When Celeste's head appeared we were a bit in shock (No, we didn't name her Celeste because she looked extra-terrestrial. Rather it was because she looked like she came from Heaven). You see, over the last month, we had watched several DVDs and the common theme was that the baby came out with eyes closed and bawling. But Celeste. Well, she needed to be different. With only her head and one arm out, she opened her eyes wide and started looking around. And she hardly made a sound, not even a whimper. That lasted a good 2 hours before she started a little crying. Awesome! We're now down to only 2,145,043 hours of crying!

She was born at 11:19am, Monday August 13, 2007. Her name is Celeste Sun Mi Henderson-Bang (Sun Mi is Korean for Beauty and Virtue). 6 lbs, 15 oz. 19.5 inches. I'll stop now and let everyone enjoy the photos. Click on the photo album link on the right side of this page, near the top. Check later as I'll be posting photos when I can...

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August 08, 2007
Dude, where's my baby?

Okay, we're at full term: week 40. Elana's getting tired of waddling like a duck, I'm tired of her saying "Do I look fat?" and our kitty is wondering what this crib is doing in HER house.

We also found out that a baby seat will actually fit in the Porsche (back seat of course), so it looks like we'll be able to bring the baby home with us from the hospital in the car. Whew! 40 miles is a long way to push a stroller...

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