July 30, 2008
So what's Disney really like?

I went to Disney during college (competing in the national university mascot championships), right after grad school, and now. So this is my third trip.

We spent the week, checking out most of the major attractions, like DisneyWorld, Epcot, WaterWorld and Universal Studios/CityWalk. Elana and I even got away for a night at Pleasure Island. Too bad it rained alot and boy was it HOT.

The crowds are much larger, although they've made some improvements in the queuing process, so wait times aren't as bad as you'd think. They've updated many of the rides and attractions, to keep up with the latest and greatest movies and trends.

This was also our first real family vacation. Infact, we brought along Maria and her two year old son Mathew. We were in the process of caring for them (kind of like an adoption), so what a better way to integrate them into the family than to bring them on their first plane trip!

Check out the photo album for pictures of the week.

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July 07, 2008
I just got laid off today...now I'm going to DisneyWorld!

Well, you guessed it. Another year, another company. But I was really hoping that this one was going to last a while since it has links to my old company, BSG, from 1991-1997. But in the high tech industry, things change so fast and so movement is common. Infact, this last company moved so fast, that they held their annual meetings every month! (Okay, so they were technically monthly meetings, but you get the idea).

In the end, it was great seeing and working with some friends and coworkers from my past, and I'm sure we'll all cross paths again someday.

Until then, I'm off to DisneyWorld!!!

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