May 12, 2009
Celeste Visits Virginia!

Well, actually my daughter visited a few places on her trip to the east. It started with a visit to my sister, Jina, in Wash DC. Celeste LOVED the zoo. Then we were (literally) whisked to my uncle's place in Virginia (out west) before finishing up with Elana's sister, Laura, back in Virginia, but down south. You'll have to check out the photo album for pictures of the trip.

And, as luck would have it, we didn't have to call 911 for Celeste (on our trip last year to Florida, she has an allergic reaction on a stop over at O'Hare...scary), BUT, she did a faceplant in her stroller that warranted a visit to a local hospital.

All is well that end's well!

Posted by mbang at 09:14 AM