July 12, 2005
Getting ready for the Camino!!!

Okay, it's decision time. I have a ton of frequent flyer miles and a wife who wants to spend her summer break (she's a high school teacher) hiking in grueling conditions. Should I stay or should I go? If I go there will be trouble, but if I stay it will be double. (Sounds like a song, doesn't it?)

So, it's the Camino de Santiago for Elana and I. What exactly is that, you ask? Me too. It was Elana's idea. It's actually the third most travelled religious pilgrimmage. But the first two (Mecca and Jerusalem) can be done via plane. The Camino MUST still be walked (I guess they still haven't heard of cars and planes in that region of the world). People have been trekking across northern Spain for 1500 years, to get to Santiago, Spain to pay homage to the bones of St. James. In Medieval times, people started the pilgrimmage from as far away as England, France and Germany. It's a little better marked nowadays, with better places to sleep.

More on the hike later. Oh, and I'll be posting pictures also. Keep checking back.

Posted by mbang at 04:57 PM