October 09, 2005
I'm becoming quite the carpenter

So, having rolled off my project out of town, I've been hanging out at home more than I ever have. With a bit of spare time, I decided to hunker down and invest in some power tools (they just seem to be something a real man should own, right?).

Why didn't someone tell me wood was SO EXPENSIVE??? Here I am trying to make a bookshelf, and spending twice as much in raw materials than a pre-made bookshelf from Home Depot! Okay, well, maybe I should state two factors:
1) The pre-made bookshelf is particle board with veneers. My bookshelf will be made from solid wood.
2) In my cost, I'm including all the extra pieces of wood that I bought but I f&$#ed up.

So, maybe this ain't so bad after all.

Posted by mbang at 12:13 PM