March 24, 1999
Hey Kurt! Ever ride a snowmobile before?

Hey Kurt! Ever ride a snowmobile before?

Once again, the ski vacation with the east coast gang started off with few little snags. SLC (Salt Lake City)? SCL (Santiago, Chile)? Whatís the difference? Actually, I paid the New Jersey baggage handlers to route the skis to Chile. (Okay, so I didnít, but that wouldíve been soooo cool!) But the real ski trip similarities were with the incredibly amazing condo, which, of course, didnít quite work. Sound familiar? Iím starting to think that going on a ski vacation with this group means dealing with a leaky/broken hot tub, putting together the stereo, and figuring out which lights work and which donít. But at least Val and Liz didnít overflow a toilet (Uh, you know what I mean). So maybe next time, you should let ME plan the trip, if you want it to go smoothly. (And without even finishing the first paragraph, I manage to dig myself into a hole for the next Bar Golf. One day, Iíll learn)

The first day of skiing at Park City went fine, except for the fact that half the skis were in Chile. Sometimes, itís nice to be a ďsporeĒ (By the way, Iíll probably deck Perry if I EVER hear him say that again) and get in a full day of skiing. But then again, half a day in fresh snow, with a broken leg, beats a whole season at Mt. Snow, right Scott? In any case, Lisa and I felt bad enough for Scott (coming all the way out to Utah and finding out his broken leg was good for an hour or so a day) that we got him a t-shirt, and a bell to ring for assistance. Well, that last gift backfired pretty quickly when he waltzed into everyoneís room the next morning, ringing that @*&#$# bell! Luckily for the gang, Lisa swiftly confiscated said weapon, thereby eliminating the possibility of intentional and malicious physical interactions by the plaintiffs against the aforementioned defendant, pursuant with penal code, sub-section 21. (Sorry about that last sentence, but I had to at least attempt to keep Melanie interested in reading onÖkeep going)

Well, the next day of skiing went a little smoother at The Canyons. Lots of snow, and everyone finally had their skis! Yeah! Okay, so Scott and Melanie passed on the skiing, but the rest of us had fun. Uh, except for maybe Rich, who unknowingly followed Val down (and then back up, skis in tow) the wrong run. But thereís nothing that 2 hours in a hot tub, with 10 beers, and half a bottle of tequila canít cure, right Rich? Scott? And letís not forget a great dinner (ignoring the live entertainment) at Grubís Steak House, followed by a night at Ciseros.

By the third day, we were ready for some snowmobiling. Little did we realize that Kurt would become our main attraction! Iíll never forget the look on Kurtís face right after he bolted up that side slope and then realized he didnít know how to get down! And he followed up his performance by playing chicken with a tree (Word of advice: Youíre always gonna lose). But the rest of us had fun as well, playing some snowball jousting, or jostling for the lead position, or catching some shut eye waiting for Lisa to catch up. (Just kidding! We love ya!) We finished the afternoon with a stop at a local brew pub and then all relaxed that night with home cooked burgers at home. Luckily for Perry, I got the grill going. Who wouldíve guessed that you needed to at least try to start the burner before spending hours trying to budge the gas knob? Interesting, you SPORE!

And bright and early the next morning, we were off to Alta. Love that place. The runs are very unique, and there was a supply of fresh snow and excuses for Perryís wipeouts. Scott and Rich cut out due to injuries and a happy hour calling their names, and then it was the long drive back. I guess it kind of drained most of us, as only Lisa, Liz and Melanie had the energy to go out. Get any phone numbers?

On the last ski day, the group ended up skiing at different locations. Scott, Kurt, Rich, Laura and myself headed to Park City so we could snowboard, while the others headed to Deer Valley to be pampered and actually take advantage of our so-called ski in/ski out (and maybe walk a bit) facilities. So, it was Laura with the guys, and Perry with the women. Hmm. Not sure what that says about Perry. Did I mention it took a real man to start the grill? In any case, I wasnít at Deer Valley, so I canít comment on anything but maybe the female conversation at lunch, but Iíll leave that to Perry.

As for Park City, the bowls were awesome, until I wrenched my hip, and went sliding head first into a forest (By the way, if any of you ever run into my Houston friends and they ask about my incredible extreme snowboarding stories, just go with it. Thanks). Oh, and Kurt in the half pipe was hilarious! All I saw was his determined approach up the side, and then the rotating ends of his snowboard coming down, kind of like a propeller. Radical new move, mon! Laura did well on her board as well. Go Laura! Of course, she did a lot better once she pulled the ___ (ask Laura) out of her boot. You should have seen the look on her face when she found it. Wish I had a camera!

And finally, the same kid spirit came out that last night, as we partied until the wee hours of the morning. First it was dinner at The Eating Establishment followed by dancing at Ciseros. Three cheers to all the injured folks (especially Scott, on one foot) who still managed to make it out onto the dance floor. Little did I know Iíd sustain another injury when Kurt would slam the van door on my hand. Yes Kurt, thatís why the dome light was on in the car. But the scary part was actually the drive home. Talk about fresh snow and an uphill drive on the side of a cliff. Now this is where the Thorntonís came in quite handy! And what a better way to celebrate than to jump in the hot tub in a snow storm! The only downside was listening to Kurt talk about how much fun he was going to have skiing on the fresh snow. Will someone please drown him? Uh, ignore that last comment, PJ.

And just like that, it was time to head home. And it seemed to be about time, with all the injuries. First, thereís always Lauraís recurring knee, but we also had Scottís broken leg, and then Perry had problems with his knee, I pulled a hip muscle, Rich had a foot problem, and Melanie hurt her knee trying to cut in front of a handicapped child in a lift line. Yeah, I know she actually had a collision with some kid, but my version sounds much more exciting! I hear that even the rental van had an injury!

With all the injuries, are we just getting old??? NAHHHH! And weíve got bar golf to prove it! I hear alcohol is great for injuries!


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